A7 vs A7R for Canon User.

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Re: A7 vs A7R for Canon User.

Tom Caldwell wrote:

nevercat wrote:

There is a downsite to the extra MP of the A7r, it is harder to get all the puxels sharp. Every little miss in focus, every camera shake, need of better lenses (CA, distortion etc will show more with the smaller pixels at 100%). But when used right the more MP will deliver more details in very large print or crop.For me the extra resolution is enough to make me pay the extra $600.


I also get the impression that the A7r is aimed more towards the MF lens user - might I be right in this assmption?

I do think the A7r is there for people who are specialized in high resolution pictures, like landscape. These people will have the time to focus right, can use a tripod, are willing to do everything to get the best picture out of their gear.The A7 is more for the casual photographer and for potrait use. For the last people seldom want to see every imperfection in their skin or make-up...

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