I decided against the RX-10 for now. We will see.

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Donald Chin
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Re: I decided against the RX-10 for now. We will see.

phazelag wrote:

Donald Chin wrote:

I've spent hours in Sony Store testing the RX10 and my conclusion is even the top of the line M43 like OM-D E-M1 has no real advantage in term of IQ, especially if you shoot raw.

Thanks, thats what I have been thinking, but I think its probably just the shallow DOF I must be missing. When I look at the RX-10 test shots and then look at these below I took with my my GX-1, its just not wowing me. That why I am giving it more time. I think I need to see more portraits in good lights in the samples!

I don't see there's any difficult to reproduce the same or ever better result with the RX10, you were using the 20mm @ F1.7 for the first pic, 45mm @ F1.8 for the second one, just step back and use longer focal length in the RX10 and that's it. The third one was in 45mm F4.5, RX10 at 33mm is F2.8, definitely not a problem.

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