Olympus profit - the cat is out of the bag (a little early)

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Re: small note

Eamon Hickey wrote:

Abrak wrote:

For the first half they sold 250k mirror less (market share around 17%). In the whole of last year they sold 710k.

This is a small thing, but just for accuracy's sake:

Not sure where you found the 710k figure for last year's ILC unit volume, but if by "last year", you mean Olympus's last fiscal year (FY2013), their ILC unit sales were actually 590k. You can find this in their FY 2013 earnings report but you have to do some digging around. It reveals a total digital camera unit volume of 5.69 million and a compact unit volume of 5.1 million; a little subtraction yields the ILC unit volume: 590K.

You are indeed correct. I am not 100% sure where I got the 710k sales figure from - I keep most of the figures in my head. Possibly it was their original forecast for unit sales in the current year.

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