I don't see Nikon's continuity in FX lineup ...

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Re: I don't see Nikon's continuity in FX lineup ...

blue_cheese wrote:

I am sure they know what their figures*are* that's easy, add them up, but I concur that they probably do not have a good model for what their market segment revenue figures *will* be, few companies do.

In an industry as dynamic as this one, mostly likely not a single player can predict those figures with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

They clearly do not have good idea of the total available market in each segment, and are challenged to enter products at the right feature/price point levels to make a compelling product for the market. If they did, their financials would not have been so abysmal, they would have foreseen trends earlier and prepared products to attack new markets, rather than defend a declining position.

Again...I dont think anyone really does have an idea of how big / small each segment will be. Drops in share price are generally mid/ short term market reactions to specific event (such as failing to meet revenue targets) and most companies go through that (taka a look @ Apple if not).

Case in point Nikon and Canon hold a significant portion of the marketshare to have significant power in defining and shaping that market. Let others that need to take risks to climb up the market share ladder (such as Olympus / Sony / etc) make the bold moves and then...if the market moves in that direction, they will respond. This is exactly whats happening with the M4/3 segment.

My point: I reckon Nikon hires the best market analysts money can buy to set their corporate strategy. Looking at these fourms, the reaction is "Wahh...the new Nikon Dxyz model does not have 7 FPS, which is the camera that I want...Obviously Nikon does not have a clue of what they are doing"

Cant ppl realize that the market is bigger than their own personal camera desires and that -maybe- Nikon knows what they are doing it and why they are doing it?

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