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Re: Rose-coloured glasses tinge peoples' view of the D700.

The Andy G wrote:

>The D800 is not an upgrade to D700

Why do people keep saying this? What special constellation properties did the D700 have that makes the D800 such a paltry follow up?

Generationally the D800's sensor, image resolution, dynamic range and other meat and potatoes stuff has improved but that aside, the D700 was bigger, heavier, had only a 95 per cent view finder, one card slot; I admit, was a touch faster in terms of FPS but if you're consistently hitting that ceiling, even at the time the answer is rent/buy the sports shooter D3.

O, and the D800 is comparatively less expensive than the D700.

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Could you all move half an inch to the left? Okay, pretend you like each other and smile.

You could I spose argue its more the improvements it doesnt have compared to a D700,

Really though I'd argue that all the people happy with there D700 highlights the issue for Nikon. That camera sold well for a number of years and many users of it are happy with the performance it gives them and not ready to upgrade. Instead target photographers who weren't happy with the D700's lack of resolution with the D800.

Canon was arguably in the reverese position with the 5D2/5D3, the former had satisifed a lot of resolution hungry photographers so rather than target them again go after improved autofocus/FPS.

My guess is both will go back to these markets in a year or two when they believe demand is higher enough to justify a new camera.

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