I don't see Nikon's continuity in FX lineup ...

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Re: I don't see Nikon's continuity in FX lineup ...

NJani wrote:

Until some years ago around the Nikon cameras everything was clear, we all could imagine the Nikon vision of the future and we all thought we know where the Nikon is going. There were DX and FX lines and each line offered cameras for beginner through enthusiat for professionals.

Didn't the single digit models move from DX to FX with the D3 when it became economically and technologically viable?

And then Nikon added a new line, the mirrorless CX which is OK. Also started to upgrade the DX line cameras which is OK too and we were waiting -and still wait- for the upgrade of D300 but nothing is happening for years.

Isn't this simply transitioning the next 'tier' to FX after the D3? Perhaps it is more appropriate to say back to FX as F mount was designed for 135 format - not DX. (A format designed for DX would use a much shorter flange distance).

And then Nikon started to mix the FX line, only the D4 is the camera I can position as the successor to D3.

By this logic, where is the successor to the D2 as the D4 line started with the D3.

But what about the others ? The D800 is not an upgrade to D700, it is something like a successor to both D700 and D3x.

Technologies change, markets change. A high resolution camera (D3X) used to cost $8000 which would limit sales, however, with the D800 Nikon were able to do it for $3000. There are many who have been happy to move from the D700 (and the D3X) to the D800 and many who have come to shoot Nikon from other makes because of the D800.

The D600 is an entry level DSLR so it is positioned below D700. The DF simply seems a new line in FX line, I don't know what group of users is targeted.

New ones and enthusiasts.

The D300 and D700 were the most beloved cameras and they were selled well. I have both but I can't change them still there are no successors.

Why Nikon is makeing experiments with such dead-born ideas ?

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Cheers János

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