HUGE Df Apology!

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Totally agree

I'm so so so so so so VERY sorry that....

1) Some people don't want a smaller DSLR

2) Some people don't want a lighter DSLR

3) Some people don't want a DSLR with absolutely top level low light shooting ability.

4) Some people don't like manual dials or class looks.

5) Some people can't work with 5.5 FPS.

6) Some people think the 39 point AF module is poor.

7) Some people think that a better viewfinder is of minimal value.

8) Some people don't care about a camera that handles well.

9) Some people don't appreciate a beautiful looking product that is also highly functional.

10) Some people didn't get every feature they wanted. Many of us did!

11) Some people, who bashed this camera childishly prior to trying it, will end up buying or wanting one.

12) Some people can't afford this camera.

13) Some people can't find a Nikon camera that suits them even though many of the great current shooters can.

14) Some people will be annoyed hat I started another Df thread.

15) Some people don't want a lower profile type of camera.

16) Some people don't want smaller files.

17) Some people think Star Wars is better than Star Trek.

So that's my apology. The Df is (for me) the only logical choice for a second body on the market. It ADDS something to me kit (as would a D4). A second D800 or entry level D610 does not.

It's so simple even a child can reason through it. Naturally, some adults just can't accept the facts.


You're 100% right

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