To watermark or not to watermark?

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Re: To watermark or not to watermark?

It's like Microsoft and that stupid code number. The people who are going to steal stuff are going to do it anyway. You're never going to get money from them.

You have to realise that 10% will never steal anything. 10% will never pay for anything. The remaining 80% can be steered in the right direction with good customer service. It's the 10:80:10 principle,

You cannot make a dishonest person honest just as you cannot make an honest person commit a crime.

Watermarking brands all your viewers as potential criminals that you don't trust. It's also a stupid idea that a lot of amateurs use because they think mistakenly that somebody might want to copy the weirdly coloured landscape with the strangely coloured sky. Every website viewer will be looking at that picture and saying what the heck is that and why is it on that amateur's website?

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I take photos for my own pleasure. I write books for my own pleasure too. If people buy them then fine. If not then I don't really care. The fun was in writing them. Income is just icing on top of the cake.

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