A7 vs A7R for Canon User.

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Re: A7 vs A7R for Canon User.

facedodge wrote:

I'm a Canon user who is considering buying an A7 or A7R as it is the first time a dual system appealed to me.

Let me know if I have something wrong...

A7R advantages are more megapixels, no low pass filter, magnesium alloy front plate, first curtain flash sync, and 1/250 sec flash sync.

A7 advantages are $600 less expensive, hybrid AF, extra .5 fps.

I would be in the A7R camp no doubt except for the AF concern. Will phase detection work on Canon glass? Are there any reviews with Canon glass and the metabones adapter?

Not getting into the A7/A7r debate - others have studied this better than I have.

Based on the NEX phase detect - when you get into the NEX manuals in detail you find that on the NEX it only work with certain lenses and then only if their firmware has been upgraded to suit (or made that way).  As a consequence phase detect does not work with electonic adapters mated to Canon EF lenses.  If the Sony bodies had firmware hooks that could be tapped that would be fine but I guess the problem is that the Canon lenses would have to be responsive to the Sony phase detect signals - one can hope I suppose ... but I suggest we don't wait up Canon might want to keep a few secrets.  I think it has to be taken "as read" that Canon EF lenses are quite capable of talking to Canon dslr bodies when the subject of phase detection crops up.

Meanwhile based on the current crop of electronic adapters the Metabones variety restrict AF capability to EF lenses made since "about 2006" for some reason whereas the RJ Chinese version (at least) seems to focus most any EF lens no matter when it was built.

But only the Metabones Smart Adapter III is proven known to be suitable for FF sensor use, Viltrox has made an obtuse claim that their current electronic adapter "might" be suitable and RJ has foreshadowed that they have one that might not be too far away.

There must be a lot of review opinions on the web regarding Canon glass and the Metabones and other adapters.  I have the Speed Booster and the RJ Glassless adapter and they both work fine.  Slow accurate contrast detect AF - quicker on lighter lenses - with the above-mentioned caveats and easy to use MF.  No problems.

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