I don't see Nikon's continuity in FX lineup ...

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Re: I don't see Nikon's continuity in FX lineup ...

D600/10: 24 MPs, advanced feature set; somewhere around 2k or 2.2k.

D800: 24 MPs, fully pro feature set (basically what it currently has), higher fps, especially with grip, like the D700; priced around 3k.

D800e: 36 MPs, fully pro set/no AA filter, priced around 4K.

Want 36 MPs? You can still have them. Want a pro feature set and fps w/ more reasonable file sizes? You can have that too. Want affordable FX? Got that too.

So you want them to have three manufacturing lines instead of two with no logical price spread. The 3k price was a giant middle finger to Canon and an attempt to stake out the middle of the chessboard for full frame. From a business sense, this is good thinking.

It does mean that there's now a floor and ceiling for full frame that squeezed the D300 successor's price point out of existence. Your suggestion results in higher prices and no obvious advantages to anyone other than Canon. Nikon chose lower prices (yippie!) and an attempt to grab more market.

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