I don't see Nikon's continuity in FX lineup ...

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Re: I don't see Nikon's continuity in FX lineup ...

Ronan_M wrote:

Alpha Tech wrote:

. Unfortunately, the company still does not understand that they can earn more revenue through large sales of lower profit cameras than through small sales of an overpriced niche camera.

Do you honestly believe that Nikon is run by a bunch of 22 y.o. fresh from marketing school and that they dont know where their main revenue is coming from?

Actually.....i would swing that back to you and ask what evidence do you have that they are not?

The fact remains that very few companies have effective marketing (think Apple and Google) that have a good idea of what consumers want and device requirements that allow for a desired product. Most others simply have the age old evolutionary, pound away on the rock, spray and pray product space and what not

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