Why Pentax Need a New Mount Now

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Re: Why Pentax Need a New Mount Now

6x9 wrote:

Currently Pentax have two mount types - K(AF3) for APS-C (and potentially for FF), and Q for a small size sensor.

There is now a clear trend towards mirrorless cameras with big sensors (APS-C, MFT), as they offer DSLR quality in compact package. Current APS-C sensor bodies are comparible in size with 1/1.7"-1/2.3" ones.

Although it is fun to use the Q series, I do not think there is real future for Pentax Q format, unless it stays as a fashion thing (see how many color options are offered for Q-series).

Now we come to the K mount. Pentax K-01 was the first mirrorles with this mount. Although it has a benefit of offereing full compatibility with K-mount lenses (which is great), this camera is clearly off the mainstream as it does not offer similar compact body as competitors. Now K-mount becomes a clear limitation for mirrorless design, and needs to be "upgraded" to fit mirrorless path.

Ideally, this new mount should be suitable for FF. It would probably need to be a bit larger, to make sure that it is suitable for in-body stabilization.

The faster Pentax takes this decision to move to a new mount, the better (but still preserving compatibility with older lenses via a special adaptor).

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Nah, the Q mount will be discontinued in few years. Mirrorless cameras will be too, they're cool but looking at the Canon G1x, Leica X2, Fuji X100, Sony RX1 and Ricoh GR, the future looks to be moving to large sensor compacts with fixed lenses.

Since Ricoh has said it will be taking over the P&S part of the Pentax business I don't see a large sensor mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses coming out soon. Rather a series of Ricoh/Pentax APS-C sensor fixed zoom lens compacts. These will not be popular if Ricoh doesn't put the Pentax brand name on them though. Nothing against Ricoh but brand recognition goes a long way and Pentax is a better known name;

Just a tip for any Ricoh employees that may be lurking around.....

As for 'Full Frame'... if you mean the old 35mm standard, it's not going to happen... ever.


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