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is everyone a sports/action photographer now???

Seems like everyone is a pro sports or action shooter nowadays. There are many cameras on the market that suit that purpose (i wouldnt consider the EM1 one of those).. so, the A7r is a non-starter anyways if that is your need.. i knew this before the camera was announced. On-sensor PDAF has not been shown to be competitive with dedicated PDAF sensors as found on DSLRs.. that just a fact.

For me, im looking for a high mp digital back to use with my Nikon lenses on a tripod. I plan on using the 100% zoom-in feature to fine tune focus anyways, so the AF is not even that important to me.

sean lancaster wrote:

Review here:

It's a very good review and generally very positive. Image quality is outstanding. OUTSTANDING!

Snippet that pertains to what I was most interested in:

My biggest issue concerns autofocus. The A7r's contrast-based AF system is fairly leisurely under good light and quite lethargic in dim conditions. Shoot in very low light or with a small AF area under challenging conditions and it may not even lock-on at all. It's noticeably inferior to the speed and confidence of the contrast-based AF system on modern Micro Four Thirds cameras, albeit roughly similar to the Live View AF on full-frame DSLRs.

I hate LiveView on my Canon 6D

And this as well:

The cheaper A7 may improve on the A7r's autofocus, both in single and continuous modes, with its array of embedded phase-detect AF points, but in my tests the benefits were generally only experienced under decent light and of course confined to subjects falling within this frame; if they fell outside the PDAF area, the A7 performed similarly to the A7r.

To be fair, I canceled my pre order of the A7 prior to this review. But the only thing I was considering keeping the order for was to fully test the AF (e.g., initial locking on speed) in lower light. This was problematic with the RX1 and I was hoping to see even a little improvement.

But there is much to like about these cameras as the review notes. Perhaps I'll one day even buy one . . . as soon as a faster AF 35 emerges.

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