Apple Aperture - best X-Trans raw conversion

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Re: Apple Aperture - best X-Trans raw conversion

Funny you should ask today. I just walked away from about 100 images I imported the into Aperture. I was shooting r+j and I was once again reminded how the initial renders, with no presets, blow away the Provia jpeg's. More accurate color, more life like and additional detail you can easily see at perhaps 25% zoom with each image next to each other.

I was a long time Aperture who went to Lightroom before Apple supported XTrans. Have trialled most of the other apps. Combined with its excellent DAM and ease of use, I don't care if its renders are only very close to the best, its a very good post processing app. The editing module leaves a bit to be desired.

My jpeg useage has dropped from about 50% with Lightroom to practically nothing anymore and its unusual for the camera to be set for r+j.

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