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Re: Well, It Got The Attention

Thoughts R Us wrote:

Regardless of the thumbs up or thumbs down, this post has attracted the attention. And "Shotcents" has attracted the attention.

In this era of information overload, the competition is for attention. In this sense, this post and "Shotcents" has succeeded. In fact, ironically, those who post to criticize "Shotcents" or vote him down, or whatever, actually make the post and "Shotcents" more successful.

The worst thing in today's world is to be ignored. Attention is what is scarce.

In this particular case I posted this thread as a humorous RESPONSE and not with any intention of initiating anything. Did I know it would result in a gaggle of hypocritical comments? Of course.

But any attempt at humor more subtle that the average knock-knock joke around here will often result in forum road rage. My take on this is to respond to everyone politely, try to stay on topic as much as possible and remember that most people here are armchair photographers with bloody knees from praying to the DXO gods on a daily basis.

I get enough positive response, here and with PMs, to know that there are in fact some reasonable people here. They're the minority, but it's enough.

Thank you for the "attention."


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