A7 vs A7R for Canon User.

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Re: A7 vs A7R for Canon User.

facedodge wrote:

I'm a Canon user who is considering buying an A7 or A7R as it is the first time a dual system appealed to me.

Let me know if I have something wrong...

A7R advantages are more megapixels, no low pass filter, magnesium alloy front plate, first curtain flash sync, and 1/250 sec flash sync.

A7r advantages are video quality (less video artifacts) in addition to what you mention.  Has only 1/160 flash sync speed.  Slower moving shutter, maybe to reduce shutter vibrations from lack of electronic first curtain.

A7 advantages are $600 less expensive, hybrid AF, extra .5 fps.

A7 has electronic first curtain (can be turned on or off), 1/250 flash sync.

I would be in the A7R camp no doubt except for the AF concern. Will phase detection work on Canon glass? Are there any reviews with Canon glass and the metabones adapter?

No it won't work with Canon glass, focus likely similar for that case, but it will be very slow with adapter anyway.

I am getting A7 as I intend to use it in low light situations, like weddings and events.  I would like 36 MP version for lens testing, but can't justify the extra price.


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