20MP vs. 20MP - comparing my 6D vs. 70D:

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Le Kilt wrote:

The crop sensors, however, can give you a big advantage when you're limited by focal length. Distant wildlife and in particular birds are where they pull ahead, when you end up cropping and magnifying so much more on a FF that you lose detail.

Not much. With really long lenses, the resolution is limited by many factors like not being able to eliminate vibrations well, higher ISO at times (longer lenses are not terribly fast), too much air between you and the subject, etc. Then a cropped FF image would not be much different than an (already cropped) image from a crop camera with possibly a lower pixel density.

No, it's what's called pixels per duck, when the duck doesn't fill a FF sensor.  If you get 10 Mpixels on your duck you will get more detail than with 4 Mpixels on it.  Crop cameras like the 60D/70D/7D have a much higher pixel density.

So with the same lens, where the 70D puts 20 Mpixels, the 6D puts 7.8 Mpixels.

Again, this is for small subjects that don't fill the FF sensor with the lens you've got.

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