Why Pentax Need a New Mount Now

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Re: Why Pentax Need a New Mount Now

ET2 wrote:

Russell Evans wrote:

smafdy wrote:

Nowadays, when you buy the camera body, you also buy the "film."

That's why there's a market for adapters.

4/3s has proved that a universal mount (BTW, one that can also be adapted to many other brands of current and legacy glass), does not hurt body or lens sales.

4/3, E-mount, FE-mount, NX-mount, X-mount, eosm-mount, m-mount, ft1-mount

FE is not a "mount". It's just E-mount. FE is the name for lenses that cover FF sensor on E-mount cameras, just like DA or FA for Pentax. The mount is K-mount, regardless.

You're right, but I would have had to have said something like E-mount on the A7 series, which is vague unless you know what the A7 series is, or maybe E-mount with a full frame sensor, but then again if you don't know Sony has a FF..., or something. It might come as a shock to you that this is a Pentax forum, so not everyone will be up on what Sony is doing. Anyone that is, will figure out what I meant. I was just looking to get the idea across that there are lots of options already on the market to meet the needs of people looking to use their old lenses, for even those people that really don't have any interest in other mounts. That's what a simple list does, it gives an idea of the scope of the things in question.

What isn't on the market and what I personally would rather have, is a K-mount mirrorless camera where the empty mirror box was filled with a focal reducer, so that AF was still an option with older Pentax FF lenses, as well as the rest of the mount working as it should to report data to the camera. The camera should have an EVF with focus peaking, for even older lenses that lack AF. Who wouldn't be interested in a $600-800, AF, FF like, camera to kick around with if they couldn't afford a FF DSLR or FF mirrorless. If Pentax is working on a FF camera, it would even provide two markets for Pentax to sell FF lenses to.

Thank you

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