How good is 24meg realy ?

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Donald B
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Re: You seem to miss why it actually is funny :-)

Grevture wrote:

Donald B wrote:

my 10 yo daughter just got home from school and asked to see some photos from the weekend. so I showed her some shots from the d7100. and she said dad why are the faces a funny colour, I nearly wet myself laughing thinking of all the comments favouring the Nikon from the forums.

The fact that a 10 year old child judge a camera by looking at default jpg output from a single occasion and base their opinions on something so highly personal as taste in skin tone rendition is not surprising.

But the fact that a grown man does the same thing is indeed a bit hilarious

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By the way, film is not dead.
It just smell funny

i think your taking photography to serious, I love a bit of a laugh, you have obviously seen the pic I just poster so now I will show you what she normally sees from my camera. only small file.

cheers don

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