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infiniteopacity wrote:

Hi everyone!

I'm grateful that a sales person directed me to this website and subsequently the forums. I have not purchased a camera since the Canon IXUS 90 (SD 790) that was used for 2 years before it was tucked away into a drawer. Now that I have more time I look forward to exploring places and capturing the memories & experiences.

I feel it's time to upgrade to newer equipment but I am genuinely confused as to what would be the best option for me given the wide array of cameras out there. I hope you can help.

My goal is to learn all the technical skills in photography so that I am able to operate at an advanced level cf. "point and shoot" that I have been doing in the past.

Sales person asked me if I need to change lenses (he wanted to determine whether a DSLR or a compact would suit my needs). I said at this stage I do not know but I certainly would like to improve my skills. He suggested I purchase a compact (Canon G15 and Sony RX100 are the two that he focused on, also an Olympus model that escapes me but could change lenses on).

Given the above I still cannot tell you whether I will need to change lenses in future because I'm a total beginner. I would like to capture shots of landscapes, people and be able to get great macro shots too. A few criteria I'm relatively sure of are - the need for very good image quality (I guess this is obvious), night time or low light image quality needs to be very good for me, something that focuses relatively quick (I'd like to capture candid moments). Never having owned anything but a compact point & shoot I can't really give a value on portability albeit history would suggest I want something small. I'm open to the idea of a bigger camera and willing to compromise if I can find something that suits.

As I said I'm very motivated to learn the skills and invest the time to become a good photographer I I love that it has a technical element and is also an art. I would just like some guidance on decent equipment that will facilitate good shots at my level. My budget is up to $1000 and will be willing to look for things second-hand if need be.

Anyway I'm very confused and really appreciate all your advice. Thanks very much!

- Hanna

You never cease to learn, as the saying goes. Even after years of experience, you find something new and that's the beauty of it, after all. A new piece of equipment may really help you evolve as an artist, so you'd better carefully evaluate your options.

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