Which lens ?..10-100vr or 30-110 & 18.5

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Re: Which lens ?..10-100vr or 30-110 & 18.5

i bought the 30-110 3.8-5.6 in a bundle with a 10mm 2.8. never used the 30-110 (and will sell it soon) but am hooked on the 10mm lens, too. and the 18.5mm, which is on my V1 80% of the time.

so, like others wrote here, if you are undecided, go for the 18.5mm FIRST and look further from that. i believe, most of the time you will happy with 10mm and 18.5mm.

but if your like extra reach, 30-110 might be the thing for you. personally i would go for the 10-100 simply to have one-size-fits-it-all. IQ wise, i read that the 30-100 is better than the two 10-100 lenses, but i can't say if it's really important. you might want to check out some reviews.

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