Why Pentax Need a New Mount Now

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Re: Or Ricoh mount?

audiobomber wrote:

6x9 wrote:

Currently Pentax have two mount types - K(AF3) for APS-C (and potentially for FF), and Q for a small size sensor.

Three mounts. You forgot the 645D.

Yes, you are right! I forgot to mention the 645D as i was "locked" on mass market models!

Ideally, this new mount should be suitable for FF. It would probably need to be a bit larger, to make sure that it is suitable for in-body stabilization.

I expect a new Mirrorless mount to be branded "Ricoh", not Pentax.

Right again...  bad habbits die hard.

The faster Pentax takes this decision to move to a new mount, the better (but still preserving compatibility with older lenses via a special adaptor).

I think a Ricoh MILC with K-mount adapter makes all kinds of sense. I don't agree about a FF sensor first, before APS-C though. Despite all the hype on this gear-head board, 90% of people still prefer APS-C to full-frame for the good-enough IQ, smaller size and lower cost.

I meant that the new mount should be common for both APS-C and FF. Ideally, the mount needs to be larger than the current K, this can be more practical one day - if Ricoh make FF with in-body stabilization. Bigger mount may be a good thing from a different perspective - for lenses with large aperture (maybe for cine lenses one day)

Or Ricoh could provide everything, using the GXR concept; a new MILC mount, with sensor modules for 645D, FF, APS-C and Q (long-term plan).

Personally, I do not buy the inerchangeable sensors concept of Ricoh. This "mount" adds to bulkiness of the camera. Also technology is going fast. In 2-3 years the "body" and the lenses with integrated sensors will become outdated. Instead of upgrading a body only (in case of "nornal" cameras), one would end up in upgrading both the body and lenses.

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