HUGE Df Apology!

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Re: HUGE Df Apology!

Shotcents wrote:

user_name wrote:


That set of criteria may work for you (and that is fine), but it does not apply to everyone (which is what your argument seems to state).

For example, 2 tons is lighter than 3 tons, but does not help if you have a 1 ton pickup. The Df may be lighter, but that may not be light enough for some people's needs (I don't know who those people are, but it is just an example).

One shoe does not fit all.

Furthermore, everyone has a right to their opinion, but no one has a right to expect it to be taken seriously.

I agree 100%. But frankly, with no one here doing anything more than reading specs and looking at web nonsense, those negative opinions sure sound like SOUR GRAPES and TROLLING to me.

Many of the haters have no gear files or gallery pics. I think most are obvious tech junkies who know very little about shooting and wanted 95% of a D4 for 1799.00. Not going to happen.

I DO notice that many of the Df SUPPORTERS do have gear profiles, gallery samples and even websites for their work. Hmmmm!

As I said, I agree with your comment. But that is not what is going on in this forum for the most part. The value of me posting counter-threads is debatable of course.


FYI: I'm not a fan and I have pictures on DPR and a website (see below).

Question: why do you care so much about what other people think? Wouldn't your time be better spent doing something other than arguing with perfect strangers in an online forum? I could see why you would if a) you work for Nikon or b) you own Nikon stock but otherwise, just move on.

Not everyone will agree with you and there are some trolls out there. Don't feed them.

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