EM1 better than Sony A7(as a System)?

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Are we talking about the same thom hogan?

liquid stereo wrote:

Marcos Villaroman wrote:

Why the Sony A7 Doesn't Crush the Olympus E-M1

M43 has the lens now with the 12-40/2.8 coming out next month. Sony will be a while for small lens.

OTOH, if you got a bunch of Leica or other 3rd party glass you want to bolt onto the A7, you might go that way.

As a camera body, the E-M1 really looks like the best all around mirrorless. I don't like what I'm hearing about the shutter noise of the A7/A7R.

You have to take the system view with these cameras. The bodies are up for replacement every two years. The glass better last longer than that. I also wouldn't want to wait for a couple years for the glass I want today to come out.

I generally like his writing but his Nikon bias makes me very suspect of almost everything he writes.

Hogan doesn't have a Nikon bias, but he made his name in photography writing ABOUT Nikon. If you've read him for the last few years, you'd know that he criticizes almost everything Nikon does, every move they make, often unjustifiably.

But it's completely appropriate for someone writing about photography in general to recognize Nikon and all that they have achieved in photography. But to say that Hogan in his more recent writings has a "Nikon bias" makes me wonder if we are talking about the same guy. He's been trashing Nikon for the past few years much to the chagrin of Nikon users.

For me, Hogan is virtually unreadable now days because of the obvious chip he has on his shoulder regarding Nikon. Many people speculate that Nikon must have done something to tick him off because he's such a vocal critic of Nikon on everything from camera releases to business moves.

As far as the A7 vs EM-1, saying that the EM-1 has a more mature system around is a fairly obvious analysis as the NEX FF is a brand new system.  One year from now however that argument is going to be tougher to make.

I've also seen other comparisons make the case that the EM-1 is a better camera period because of slightly faster AF and IBIS.  These operational and performance aspects certainly can't be ignored. That said, there is a tendency on the part of some to try to discount the enormous IQ, resolution and high ISO advantages that the A7 and A7R have over the EM-1 by using IBIS as a panacea.

And I've seen some attempt to marginalize DOF differences and light gathering abilities between the two cameras.

But with the prices of the A7 and EM-1 so close, clearly for people who already have m43 lenses and are happy with the size/price/performance ratio are going to look at switching systems less enthusiastically.  People who perhaps need the very best possible IQ and highest resolution, people who crop frequently or print large for example, are going to looking at the Sony A7 and A7R with a more open mind.

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