Why Pentax Need a New Mount Now

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A double coup, one-two punch?

In that case, Pentax possibly could make a mirrorless FF A7ish camera of their own with normal Pentax bayonet mount (I'm sure that would come with the usual pentax twist or two ) plus a regular FF DSLR. Best of both worlds plus later ability to use many lenses on the mirrorless


viking79 wrote:

Joe Ogiba wrote:

Just get the new full frame Sony A7/A7r with a PK-NEX adapter. I am sure there will be new adapters coming that will support AF etc soon.

Although I don't always agree with Joe he is definitely right here. If you want to use legacy lenses m4/3 can be okay, but you have a 2x crop. Sony NEX/Fuji X/Samsung NX are better but have 1.5x crop, only Sony A7 offers no crop for legacy lenses and it will adapt any single SLR lens made, not just Pentax.

I wanted Pentax to make such a camera, but they never did. One of Pentax's strong points was compatibility with older lenses, but now mirrorless cameras are better for old lenses than most of their respective DSLRs (focus and metering are easier).

People will still buy thew new Sony lenses, and if the Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 performs any better than the Nikon 58mm f/1.4G it will be a steal in comparison. People will toy with old legacy lenses and Sony will sell a lot of bodies, most of those people will probably buy at least a couple of the native AF lenses, so Sony still comes out ahead.


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