Which Camera Feature Makes You a REAL Photographer

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K E Hoffman
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Which Camera Feature Makes You a REAL Photographer

All the forums have a thread where someone says.. Real Photographers don't

  • Use Live View
  • zooms
  • stabilization
  • EVF
  • Scene Modes
  • JPG
  • Etc.

Then of course there is the ubiquitous REAL PHOTOGRAPHERS shoot only [Insert Brand].

This question comes out of a thread in Nikon.. where the live view / exposure preview is not for REAL Photography... again.

My background.. I have shot manual Film. My first auto exposure SLR was a Canon A1 bought the first one my dealer got. I have shot Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Minolta and now Sony. At the time I shot them they were the BEST camera for the price at the time [for me]

I have taught photography to 5th and 6th graders and had to deal with all but one student walking in with P&S cameras. (Its a middle - lower middle class catholic school) Trust me there were 2-3 kids with a real talent.. that moved way past the camera they were using.

My contention is that there is one single feature that makes a REAL PHOTOGRAPHER..

Some way to record and share an image. So you need a pinhole or lens and film or a sensor.. that's it..

Pinhole gallery from 2013 "World Wide Pinhole Photography Day"

All the rest just gives you more options in how you express being a photographer.. or lets you add an adjective.. like "Sports Photographer" "Portrait Photographer" etc.


And if there are no disagreements... then I guess we can have discussions without the "real photographers use / don't use" rationalizations for our own preferences

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