HUGE Df Apology!

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clarnibass wrote:

It feels like crashing out of modesty too much to put a gea list do I don't have one. Others might have all sorts of reasons for putting or not putting a gear list. I don't feel it's arogant when someone else has a gear list though.

If we're talking about gear in a gear forum and debating the merits of a product I think knowing what the other guy/gal is familiar with is an important factor. If I don't see a list of gear I wonder if they even own a camera. If I don't see any shots I wonder if they can focus a camera. I have only a couple of shots in my gallery that are paid for. Posting paid work in a forum is asking for trouble. But I have lots of goofing-around shots that show I have at least some capacity for photography.

The truth is that a LOT of people here don't shoot, rarely shoot or are the types that think if they bought the lens with best DXO report then they won a prize. There are some truly arrogant people here with some reasonable work posted and I am much more tolerant of the attitude, while also remembering that "tone" is absent from forum posts and misunderstandings happen easily.

Dpreview is not always a friendly place, even to shooters who have more than a clue. Witness what just happened when accomplished shooter, Lisa Holloway dared to try and be helpful over in the portrait forum. Awful. If you want to get depressed, go have a look at that thread.

But to the important issue... Star Wars may be silly, but it's great in spite of that. Star Trek is just so boring...

Star Trek: Wrath of Khan boring? Now you've gone way too far!

OTOH, the DF is quite good IMO, but I have absolutely no need for it.

A valid POV that deserves no argument!


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