How good is 24meg realy ?

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Re: just had the funniest thing said to me.

Donald B wrote:

I will Roland I will wait till the dust settles ? im going to post some full res and see if anyone can correct them, im glad some of the worst havnt been ordered. I will also post some great shots from both cameras its just that I have to get through the 500 orders.

cheers don

Your doing it wrong.!

I use a pro gallery to lock my images to only those invited and the gallery handle all ordering and prints , Offering considerably greater options than I could.

Prices are set to ensure great value for the customer and decent profits for my chosen charity.

this gives me a quite low work load as

1 take images ( about 1300 per weekend RAW)

2 cross check images (use Linux so can get decent thumb-nailing without processing)

3 delete Duds (missed target , cross flare, Duplicates) about 3-4 hundred

4 process remaining images batch process inc tailored Noise profiles

5 final run through extra deletions some crops remove personal shots etc

6 upload to gallery with meet cross references and day separation

7 issue link and password to Squad Reps to pass on.

On a fast week end this is about 4hours post capture work.

This will generate around 4-600 initial orders (first month) with a number of drip orders over the season I leave them up .

How do you handle 'model releases' especially as your shooting minors.

My generic model release only allows for PR use , that is why you do not see me posting any images from events besides my own children .

Though covered by the 'generic release' signed by all members, as a courtesy I seek personal releases before any of my material appears in Book, Press, commercial sites etc.

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