New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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Re: New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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I can't insert the link here, but if you go to SAR and look at the comments under the latest A3000 article you will see the following:

@admin “I am pretty sure more of this kind of DSLR shaped E-mount cameras will come in 2014″ form Infos from your sources or it is a “felling”?

Reply (from admin): sources

Do you love Sony enough to suffer lugging around an A3000 type monster around as your next camera?


Although I understand and share your concern, I think your negativity is close to paranoia. The message is that there will be other DSLR shaped E-mount cameras, not that the Rangefinder shaped E-mount cameras will disappear.

There is no indication at the present time in either direction, and writing thread over thread on the matter will not change anything. Unfortunately we have to wait until Sony tells or shows us what direction they intend to take.

I personally do not think they will cancel the rangefinder shaped line, since it works so well in Europe and in Asia. But I will wait and remain positive with my existing gear.


Marc - thanks for expressing this so well. I can't believe the number of folks on this forum who say nothing but doom & gloom when Sony goes in a direction they don't like. I love my NEX 7 and had hoped for an RF styled FF to replace it. While the A7R isn't my perfect camera, I'm sure for others it is the perfect (or at least nearly perfect) camera. I'm getting one, as it still meets most of my desires in a camera (they had me at E-mount & FF). I fully expect future offerings, both FF and apsc will come in a variety of body styles, RF as well as DSLR shaped. I'm certainly rejoicing in the choices I'm seeing now and in the future.

I disagree and believe that Parallex has made some very worthwile investigations and has written his findings often going 'against the tide' of the mob mentality which has recently broken out, on occasion. I and some others agree with his point of view.

Now You and Mark would be against the agreement in principle between a number of the most steadfast members that this forum shall be dedicated to the furtherance of the APS-C cameras in the spirit of the former NEX. Under that agreement I feel that this group shall be against the inclusion of the A7/ in this forum, no matter what the new name is used. (And I shall continue to refer to it as the NEX Forum.)

Furthermore, you and Marc are bringing this horrible discussion up to the fore again, just when we all decided to "Let It Go" and seek some closure.



Dear Steve,

Thank you very much for thinking for me. I have no idea what motivates this silly attitude, not even where the A7 comes in the picture...

As you would have noted if you you had taken the time to read the entire thread, my post was third in line commenting Parallax's statements. This "horrible discussion" was restarted by Parallax so please do not accuse anyone else.

I certainly admire your guts over deciding for everyone to "let it go",particularly since you have been one of the initiators of this negative thinking with your misunderstanding of three videos ( By the way, you never had the decency to answer my comments (, even when I wrote a reminder at the bottom of that same page.

Anyway, I have said what I had to say in a courteous manner to Parallax, and the subject is closed as far as I am concerned.


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