What eye you use.

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Re: What eye you use.

Telhma wrote:

Might be a stupid question, but i was wondering what eye you use the look true the viewfinder.
I always use my left eye, i tyed it out with my right, but it feld wierd, i don't know whay.
What eye do you use?


It sounds like you're left eye dominant. It's not a stupid question - it's an important thing to know. I used to teach riflery and archery to scouts and the first thing I did was have them find out which eye is dominant, so they could use it to aim properly.

The method I used went like this:

1. Hold your hands out at arms length, forming a 2" (5cm) hole between the hands that you can see through.

2. Focus on something 5-10 feet (1.5-3m) away, through the hole you made with your hands, with both eyes open.

3. Close first one eye, then the other; you'll notice that with one eye, the object you're focused on moves or jumps; with the other eye, it stays still. This is your dominant eye.

It's called the Miles Test, according to this article at Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocular_dominance

I've always been left eye dominant, and I've always used my left eye through the viewfinder.... nose grease be d@mned.


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