New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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Re: re: indeed, I'm still in ave how the heck Aptina was able to pull this off?

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Sony succeed finally in bringing their OSPDAF to perform on par with the classic PDAF performance for fast action shooting/tracing, available in mid-level [d]SLRs )


I feel that is still a couple generations out. By others accounts the af speed is not that much better the CD yet. So maybe in 3 years or so. If it were available now the A7 would have it. But in three years my current camera will most likely be suffering some degenerative changes and I would also say its worth it as well. But I don't make any money on photography, it's just a fun hobby for me, so justifying a big cash outlay on a new body is hard. Seems like we keep needing groceries even though I buy them every week. Anyways, I sense more urgency in the OP, so I don't believe Sony will suite his needs for very long.


Aptina's guys are behind the only real success in any MILC camera known so far of OSPDAF being quick enough for a bit more dynamic/ambitious action shooting - that is Nikon's N1 line.

Yeah, yeah, we all know that it is only 1", 2.7x crop sensor, so the DOF is pretty huge in comparison to APS-C, thus easier to hide AF'ing errors, and yet... one wishes other MILC makers hurry up to follow suit , or at east I wish so - a lot ,


Glad you checked out the Nikon 1.

But that doesn't say much, unless you want 1" sensor on NEX. And then there is the Sony RX10... 1" sensor, CDAF only, but at least Steve Huff thinks it matches the N1's AF speed.

You get up to 60 fps on the Nikon 1, an intervalometer, and other amazing stuff that the RX100 can't match. Not just the sensor but a pretty special engine in it.

Yes they say that very trick stuff is limited to a 1" sensor, but the trade off is a low pixel count. I'd bet that Sony has engineers assigned to making something like this and bigger.

Well, Sony has been working with Aptina. The key isn't to get great results on small sensors and lower resolution, the key is to do so with larger sensors and resolution. Even with burst rate, the issue is normally not of how many fps, but for how long. For that reason, 60 fps would be practically useless. In fact, I generally prefer 6 fps mode over 10 fps in my A55 so I can extend the burst shooting over a few seconds. I usually go 15-20 frames per burst with AF-C, in RAW+JPEG mode. BTW, RX10 is designed for unlimited burst at 10 fps (which may slow down eventually if the write speed to the card trails)... another feature potentially coming to A and E mount cameras.

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