Landscape photographers: where do you sleep in?

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Arrive in a timely manner.

DVT80111 wrote:

A tent?

Your truck bed or inside a car?

A hotel?

A RV, what type? Truckbed, quickie popup like Aliner, or a Moho.

Do you often go solo or with a mate?

Not landscape as the subject but landscape as the set/ background. Unless I am on site for several days already  (Las Vegas or Yosemite)  I always   drive  to arrive  to be on location at the required time. Cinder Cones , Death Valley , Ca for instance.  Beam of light shoots down the hole in the cone at a specific time and lasts for less than an hour. We left at 2:30 AM.

Locations are divided into morning,  afternoon and late afternoon.  The morning locations  all require either a drive and a set up  to be ready at sunrise plus 60 minutes or more  or  a drive, hike and a set up at sunrise plus 60 or more.

In all cases when the shoot is done it is always breakfast, drive home, unpack and I go to  bed. Needless to say clients who get morning shoots on location justify the effort.  Morning light is very special but the window of opportunity is short. Then again morning locations are useless any other time of the day so  special light or not, there isn't really an option if that is the choice.

Sunrise at the dam- the mirror effect only works  at dawn on very  still mornings, the light only this direction  as well,  only at dawn. 2 ½ hour drive, half hour hike. Each way.  Pentax 67, AGFA Pan APX 100, Rodinal.  Enlargements on Oriental Seagull, cold, double weight fibre base, grade 3, processed in Dektol,  toned in selenium.

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