Pekka Potka's take on the A7R and the EM1

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marike6 wrote:

Timur, everything you are talking about makes the assumption that you are shooting static subjects, things that never move. Even leaves blowing on a tree or a macro of a flower, you have the situation where IBIS can allow you to handhold, but won't freeze your subject. The clean high ISO files of the A7r will.

Which is precisely my point. The whole case for IBIS the in the comparison article, the author makes a huge assumption that subjects will not move. And we all know that is rarely the case in real life. So for a large variety of subjects, there is no replacement for faster shutter speeds.

Precisely! I mean I loved my EM5 to death, and now the EM1 is also a godsend, but often times when I need to freeze motion, the IQ starts to break down fast, especially in low light situations!

That's why I started search for a FF camera to compliment my EM1, because my D800E is insanely heavy and hurting me on long shoots. A7R was the initial replacement candidate (light and high res), but Df (super high ISO) is also being considered.

Right now I'm wondering if A7 (compromise between resolution and ISO) would be the ideal compliment to my EM1!

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