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Why m43 started off with all those lenses you listed?

TrapperJohn wrote:

So I look at the fuss over the A7, and have to ask - where's the glass? Where's the PL25 1.4, or the 75 1.8, or the 12-40 F2.8, or the 35-100 F2.8, or the 7-14, or the 20 1.7, or the 75-300, or the...

Perhaps you don't remember when m43 started, and they had only the Olympus 14-42, 45-150 and 35 f/2.8 and Panasonic 14-45, 14 f/2.5 and 20 f/1.7.

m43 didn't start off right out of the gate with the lenses you mention above.

Critics of the Fujifilm X system used to say the same thing: it's one or two fancy bodies with only 3 lenses.  Now Fujifilm has 13 native lenses and 27 total X-mount lenses including 2 Zeiss lenses (not Sony/Zeiss but actual Zeiss.  At least as much of a Zeiss lens as you can get in 2013).

I'm not a big fan of Sony at all and I do think their Sony/Zeiss lenses are extremely expensive for their modest max aperutres (i.e. f/1.8, f/2.8 and f/4). And yes, at present their native lens selection is limited.  But all new systems start out that way.  One thing some and m43 offer is a very short registration distance so adapting manual glass is absolutely trivial.  And the Sony FF will release more lenses.   But to ask "where's the glass?" is a bit unfair considering it's a new system, don't you think?

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