EM1 better than Sony A7(as a System)?

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Re: Do yourself a favor....

My 45mm f1.8 has sat in its box for the past six months or so, while my 55mm f 3.5 macro Nikkor gets pretty continuous use...Honestly, since I don't do portraiture, I really never use the 45mm lens.  The 25mm is my go-to lens indoors in low light, and I have a vintage 50mm Yashica that I prefer the output from to the 45mm Oly (yes, the Oly is better wide open, but I like the look of the Yashica photos better).

So, the 50mm f2.0, even slow, would be a better choice for my uses.

I'm not in the market for it right now, but if you still have it when the winter is waning, I might be interested.  Send me a PM with what you are asking for it and I'll let you know...



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