Upgrading to Mavericks.

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Re: Upgrading to Mavericks.

gaussian blur wrote:

Basalite wrote:

I'm going by what you wrote:

You said: I believe the issue that the OP has is that they probably never had an Apple ID/account which of course requires credit card info for buying things from iTunes and the Mac and iOS App stores.

That is incorrect. There is no such requirement, even for paid content.

Using a gift card is not buying from iTunes. You are simply redeeming something you already paid for.

Of course it is! How or when the payment is made doesn't matter. Apple (not iTunes, which is just an app) ultimately gets the money.

The point is that if someone doesn't provide credit card information, they are not restricted to only free apps. In the event they want a paid app, they can get an iTunes card.

You then said: OP, just enter the requested information. It is free for Snow Leopard users.

Although it is free (you did get that part right), there is no need to enter in credit card information since a credit card is not required and the original poster stated he didn't want to.

That second part does not support your misunderstanding of what I said previous to that. That does not logically follow. I recommended he simply input the information to get what he ultimately wants.

You are recommending he do something he does not want to do when there is an alternative that is exactly what he asked for. Why do you continue to insist he do it your way??

If you meant something else, then you need to write more clearly.

My words were clear. It is you that wishes to make them appear to say things that they don't.

Your words may have been clear, but they say something other than what you think they meant.

Nah, this is just somebody who is unable to admit when he made a mistake.

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