Upgrading to Mavericks.

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Re: Upgrading to Mavericks.

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No, Mavericks is a free upgrade going back to Snow Leopard users. I believe the issue that the OP has is that they probably never had an Apple ID/account which of course requires credit card info for buying things from iTunes and the Mac and iOS App stores.

OP, just enter the requested information. It is free for Snow Leopard users.

A credit card is not required for an AppleID. Select 'none' for payment options when setting it up.

You can use iTunes gift cards for apps that aren't free.

Read more carefully what I wrote.

You said a credit card is required. That is false.

Once again, read more carefully what I wrote!!

You advised the OP to just enter the credit card information and don't worry about getting charged anything because Mavericks is indeed free for Snow Leopard users.

But that is not the point of the OP, the OP does (well, did, now) not want to give Apple his credit card information. Thus your advice is not solving his problem, whereas the information that one can set up an AppleID without associated credit card information is what would have solved the OP's problem.

It is well possible that when setting up an AppleID during the Mavericks installation, the option of 'no payment' doesn't show up. The solution to this is to set up the AppleID by other means first (in iTunes, on Apple's website, etc.).

You didn't learn from the last time?

If the person thinks I am wrong then he or she can speak for him or herself. I told you before, I am not going to play the silly game of responding to others through you or anyone else.

Yes, I didn't learn from the last time. Life is much better if I don't disagree with you.

(And what if the OP has moved on, because he solved the problem, and doesn't even read your post or doesn't bother to reply to you because of this, how will you learn that you have misunderstood the OP? And if your answer is that it doesn't matter that you misunderstood him because the OP is not affected by that misunderstanding, there can be lots of other people reading this thread which would benefit if all misunderstandings had been cleared up, and you might be able to give better answers in the future in similar situations if you realise that you misunderstood something.

But the point here seems to be that you rather prefer to not know when you might have misunderstood something. So, from that point of view, if somebody doesn't want to be informed of his mistakes, doing so can be considered impolite. But from the point of view of everybody else, not clearing up misunderstandings is a worse path of action.)

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