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Re: Nex long zoom options

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

bill hansen wrote:

There are quite a few good to excellent A mount lenses.

I found hard to find anything excellent in A mount, Sony seems to have real troubles with corners, everything is quite behind Canon/Nikon offerings.

I'm delighted with my SAM 18135. It's only f5.6 at the long end, and it has no OSS - so higher ISOs are needed for windy days and action shots. It's very sharp in the center at all focal lengths - somewhat soft in the corners but that's not a problem in the real world, unless you're shooting landscapes with a lot of detail (wouldn't you use a shorter focal length lens for that, anyway?)

I have that lens and I can't say I'm happy with it. I did the resolution tests and even the SEL18-55 tested overall better in that range.

The 18135 shows a lot of distortion on the short end, soft on the long end, and the corners are pretty bad, especially around 70mm. Since you don't get IS working anyway, I'd rather adapt Nikon 18-140, which is a truly superb lens. Better yet, just get a Nikon or Canon DSLR for those purposes.

The characteristics you apply to 18-135 also apply to 18-140 (distortion at 18mm, softness at long end and bad corners in the mid range), and yet latter is superb lens?

Really, you know it for a fact? Maybe you should tell then the DPR (DXO):

and other testers how wrong their measurements are.

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