New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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re: indeed, I'm still in ave how the heck Aptina was able to pull this off?

dbose wrote:

Sony succeed finally in bringing their OSPDAF to perform on par with the classic PDAF performance for fast action shooting/tracing, available in mid-level [d]SLRs )


I feel that is still a couple generations out. By others accounts the af speed is not that much better the CD yet. So maybe in 3 years or so. If it were available now the A7 would have it. But in three years my current camera will most likely be suffering some degenerative changes and I would also say its worth it as well. But I don't make any money on photography, it's just a fun hobby for me, so justifying a big cash outlay on a new body is hard. Seems like we keep needing groceries even though I buy them every week. Anyways, I sense more urgency in the OP, so I don't believe Sony will suite his needs for very long.


Aptina's guys are behind the only real success in any MILC camera known so far of OSPDAF being quick enough for a bit more dynamic/ambitious action shooting - that is Nikon's N1 line.

Yeah, yeah, we all know that it is only 1", 2.7x crop sensor, so the DOF is pretty huge in comparison to APS-C, thus easier to hide AF'ing errors, and yet... one wishes other MILC makers hurry up to follow suit , or at east I wish so - a lot ,


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