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Re: HUGE Df Apology!

Shotcents wrote:

jjnik wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

C'mon, guys. Can you get OUT of your own heads for just a second?

Sure - if you can join the 21st century for a minute...

What does this even mean? The Df is loaded with technology.

Meaning what's wrong with modern technology in a modern looking body - but you seem to have an issue with modern DSLR design.  Aesthetics are completely subjective - you like the look of the Df, I don't get the need for the retro look (but have no issue with those who do).

YOU may not think the Df looks better and Bugs Bunny might love it, but the INTENTION was to build something capable AND aesthetically superior.

To most people THIS looks like a camera, perhaps even a film camera:\

Exactly - but most are not using film cameras anymore - and this is not a film camera. You are entitled to your opinion that this is a beautiful camera - more power to you. However, stop trying to convince people that feel otherwise. To me, that looks like a camera that my dad used 30 years ago and I much prefer the aesthetics/ergonomics/control layout of my D4 and D800E much better. Others are obviously free to feel differently - but why are you so obsessed with this?

Like I said, can't anyone get out of their OWN head for a second. I LIKE it. You DON'T. But that's not the point. Nikon thinks MORE people will like the looks and I think they're right. I sure haven't heard many complains about the looks!

It doesn't look anything like my D800, which is almost militant by comparison. If you think it's ugly or looks like an iPhone (!), I don't know what to tell you. That's not likely to be what the masses will think and you probably know that.

I've avoided the "camera as fashion accessory" element because I don't care all that much about it. I see a small camera with a great sensor. But the gut reaction from some experienced shooters IS about the nicer looks.

I suspect "experienced" means older for this camera's styling...

That's not relevant. I'm talking about a GUT reaction. It doesn't look like a DSLR to most people. I've been shooting for many years, going back to a wood-framed large format. Without seeing the back I might have thought it was a film camera for a moment. That's the goal of the design.

It's relevant as it's likely the look of the camera will appeal more to older folks that have nostalgia for their old film cameras.  I personally don't get the need to make a DSLR look like a film SLR?  It has no benefit to IQ and in many ways it might make it even harder to change settings in actual shooting conditions.  I would have rather seen a camera with the D800 body with the D4 sensor AND the 51 pt AF and metering from the D4.

You walk into a restaurant with your pretty wife. Standing near the bar is a 6' blonde bombshell that makes your wife look like Kathy Bates. And you say to yourself, "Yeah, but I bet she's bad in bed and a real b*itch"

I prefer brunettes and 6' is too tall for me.  Besides, no woman could ever make my wife look like Kathy Bates, so I'd never say that to myself...

You may be right. In fact I know from experience it is OFTEN the case on both counts. But that doesn't change the fact that the criteria for your assumption is emotional rather than factual.

I have a feeling that the Df is the blonde bombshell who IS good in bed and is most certainly not a b*tch. We'll know when the real reviews come in and we have a chance to try one for ourselves.

and now you've officially lost it...

Have I now?

Sort of - comparing camera bodies to beautiful women seems quite silly to me.  I've never bought a camera based on how it looks and never will!

The automakers restyle and see quick trades based on little more than adjusted trim.

Apples and oranges - Cars are as much about looks as they are about features and performance and always have been = bad analogy, imho.

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