Upgrading to Mavericks.

Started Nov 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
Jen Yates Senior Member • Posts: 1,414
Re: Upgrading to Mavericks.

Basalite wrote:
My words were clear. It is you that wishes to make them appear to say things that they don't.

No they were not.

You said credit cards were required to 'buy' from the app store, but it is possible to 'buy' without a credit / bank card. Using Apple's terminology (from within the app store). It is possible to 'buy' apps with a pre-paid iTunes card, with a redeemable code or it is even possible to 'buy' a free app without any of the above.

You are being childish, petty and a little rude. Please refrain from this behaviour when using these forums...

Or I'm going to get my Dad...

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