SAR: Sony a7/a7R - What matters is quality and lightweight design

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Re: SAR: Sony a7/a7R - What matters is quality and lightweight design

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

#4 is what I've been talking about. If you want a lens that's small, you have to give up OSS, wide aperture or auto focusing. You can't have all 3 and have a small lens or an inexpensive lens. I wanted a small lens for the FF mirrorless so I bought a Zeiss 50/2.0 ZM lens. Small and sharp but no OSS or auto focus. You can also buy Voigtlander lenses. Leica lenses are too expensive for me.

IMO, Sony should also consider a couple if no nonsense (MF only, no OSS) that are small As those comparable in Leica world with high emphasis on IQ while delivering large aperture... Something like 35/1.2 and 55/1.2 and throw in an STF design at 85mm as well. These wont be cheap, but they can be benchmark lenses.

I doubt that will happen anytime soon. There is no need for f1.2 in 2013... notice how the uber normal primes from Nikon (58/1.4) and Zeiss (55/1.4) are f1.4 and not f1.2. Anything faster than that is really a low volume, novelty lens (im aware of the upcoming Panasonic 42.5/1.2.. but, thats a m43 lens).

And, if I were spending big bucks on a manual focus prime.. it will be from Zeiss or Leica.

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