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Re: That's exactly what Nick Woodman did with the GoPro

marike6 wrote:

What the OP is talking about, designing and building your own camera to meet your requirements and specifications, is exactly what Nick Woodman did with the GoPro action camera.  Now he's on the Forbes List as one of America's top billionaires.

He's a surfer/entrepreneur living in California who saw a need for wearable camera. So he designed and built one. Fast forward 10 years later and GoPro is the number one selling action camera in the world, used by everyone from competitive athletes, news agencies and cinematographers to marine biologists.

60 Minutes had an excellent profile on Woodman and his GoPro camera this past Sunday. Inspiring success story, and definitely worth watching. Good stuff.

GoPro's Video Revolution


The wearable video camera market was pretty non-existent back then and is only now becoming a competitive market.

I think the primarily stills community is a bit more mature.  What the OP was suggesting wasn't creating a new type of video camera, but creating a new stills camera that can compete in a very saturated and mature market.  Those are two extremely different things.

If a new type of stills/video camera can be created then we might be having a different discussion.  Some have tried with that wearable life camera (whatever it's called) and the Canon N or even Lytro or various 3D cameras, but none of them has really gone anywhere.  How about that ball camera?  That's neat, but probably not very useful.  How about a drone that is designed to follow you around video recording you for hours?  Call it the DronePro.

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