EM1 better than Sony A7(as a System)?

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Re: technically you have a point , but..

ianbrown wrote:

I understand what you are saying but I take my photography seriously and I feel the latest technology helps me and its an ever evolving world. Here are some photo's in case you dont think I take any

You take photography seriously. OK. but in just last three years you bought and sold both Canon FF cameras (5D, 6D), both Nikon FF cameras (D800, D600), several Sony A mount cameras (like A77), three or four Nex cameras, half a dozen M4/3 cameras (including more recently GX7, EM5, EM1 -- all GH series before that), aseveral Fuji X series cameras, several fixed lens cameras (including FF RX1 and X100/s).

With that kind of experience, why do you even need to ask? And what difference does it make what anyone says? We know you are going to buy one of the A7 camera and we also know you are going to sell it soon after that and move on to a next new thing.

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