New GX7. 2 snags: lens, Stripy pix - Help Please

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Adrian Harris
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New GX7. 2 snags: lens, Stripy pix - Help Please

Well I finally drew out all my saving and bought a GX7 today and sadly I am having some rather horrid problems with it. ...besides the fact that it is so complex I haven't a clue how to get anything to work on it. - and maybe that is part of the problem.

Using Electronic shutter the camera works fine - except a few facilities are disabled in that mode, but I knew about that before I bought the camera (but there are one or two weird things going on that I am sure shouldn't be, but more about that later). Handling is also VERY awkward, but again I tried it in shop so knew what to expect there.

The real bad problem No1. I am having is ... when using the camera in 'normal' mechanical shutter mode, after I press the shutter button, it sounds as if a machine gun is going off (and yes the camera is set to single shot mode and only one image is taken) but then a notice appears saying "please switch off the camera and switch back on again". It does this after every photo. 
....I have tried another lens (just in case) and the same thing happens.

So ... 
Question No.1 :
Does anyone else's GX7 work okay with the early Panasonic 14-45 and 14-140 lenses - in non Electronic shutter mode?

And ...
Question No.2 :
Using Electronic shutter mode and taking interior photos of plain surfaces, very severe banding is appearing (multiple light and dark stripes), especially in rooms lit with LED lighting. This 'fault' does not happen at all when the GX7 is set to Mechanical shutter mode. 
Is anyone else having this problem?

I am hoping these issues are just because I have got something setup right, as I drove a long way to buy it today and really don't want to take it back.

PS. I would have classed myself as a very experienced semi-pro photographer, but trying to setup this GX7 makes me feel like a total beginner, so any suggestions and all help will be much appreciated.

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