Agonizing! Deciding between NEX, m43, EOS M

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Re: Agonizing! Deciding between NEX, m43, EOS M

Joseph Mama wrote:

Are you sure that this camera upgrade is going to give you what you need? You said you want "wider angle" and "more depth of field", relative to the RX100.

You are sacrificing a lot of portability (cuz those lenses do NOT retract and autocap), for some dubious gains.

OK, so Wide Angle: Simply shoot a Panarama shot. Change to go VERTICAL instead of horizontal, turn camera sideways and sweep across from Top to Bottom (which is now left to right).

Agree about that.

Or, there are various adapter lens you can try:

As far as Depth of Field, the 1 inch sensor and 1.8 aperature should be pretty decent already. Going to a 4/3rd only adds 60% more sensor area...

Wrong, about 94% more (practically twice). You've probably mistaken the gain of APS-C vs m43.

not THAT much more background blur, or reduction in DOF. You'd need an APS-C sensor which is about 3x bigger to have a big impact. You'd also need a high aperature prime lens most likely.

What I am saying is that you may reconsider why you are upgrading and ensure your expectations are reasonable.

The valid point is interchangeable lens camera only makes sense if you are going to change lenses, and the kit is not better than the lens in RX100.

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