Fuji X-A1 vs Sony NEX-5N side-by-side

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Re: Fuji X-A1 vs Sony NEX-5N side-by-side

cheenachatze wrote:

Thanks for this comparison. It seems to me as though the white balance is better with the Fuji. There is only one high ISO picture, but the cameras chose different ISO values. If you still have both cameras at your disposal, would you be able to post a few pictures at taken the same ISO? Thanks!

In low light Fuji gravitates towards reds, while Sony gravitates to yellows. Both have significant shifts, though I must say portraits look better with reddish rather than yellowish skin I would say the white balance needs to be corrected with either camera.

I don't have X-A1 anymore, but the comparison at the same ISO isn't really a useful measure of anything. ISO selected by a camera depends on the chosen S-curve, dynamic range and other optimizations, and can change significantly even for the same subject even for the same camera.

As a photographer you are interested in exposure, not the ISO. You choose the exposure (F-stop, shutter speed) based on the needs of the subject, or the best combination available, the ISO number is what camera chooses to amplify the image based on the processing it makes. Let's say you are shooting in low light and f/4 is maximum you can get, and you can't go slower than 1/30 due to subject movement or camera shake. No matter which camera you use those will be your limitations. So the fact that two cameras chose two different ISOs to bring the jpeg brightness to the same level is irrelevant. What is of interest to you is whether the noise at the same exposure is comparable.

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