EM1 better than Sony A7(as a System)?

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Re: technically you have a point , but..

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Like many I have a real dilemma about which one to buy?

Since you seem to end up buying and selling nearly every camera out there in a serial fashion, may I suggest you change your purchasing methodology to a parallel model.

All you need to do is take out a modest mortgage, or use a suitably well endowed credit card, purchase EVERY SINGLE CAMERA SYSTEM OUT THERE (which is what you seem to be doing anyway, just one at a time), then do a whole set of comparisons, and YOU then decide which system(s) is/are best for YOUR needs. Keep these, sell the rest. Total depreciation shouldn't be much different to what you're already doing now, and you'll save yourself and all of us the continual anguish of all your posts.


Thanks but I don't need financial advise, whats wrong with you people? Is there a law against buying lots of cameras, if so I didn't realise that.

for those who are giving their opinion on these two cameras and lens options, thanks



you are right . You can spend your money any way you see fit. it is just that maybe it is moot to ask advice here knowing that for those who take the time to give you some feedback , whichever camera you buy , you probably won t have it in 6 months down the line

As I said , these forums are mostly gear forums from people who are not really interested in getting better at it . Nothing wrong , just disappointing in my view



I understand what you are saying but I take my photography seriously and I feel the latest technology helps me and its an ever evolving world. Here are some photo's in case you dont think I take any!

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