Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

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Re: Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

jY h wrote:

Hello, I'm the very happy owner of a Nikon D600 and have no plans of buying a new camera. However, the Nikon DF did catch My eye. I love the retro styling. Why is the price of this camera so high? Its sensor has lower resolution than the D600, it has no video capability, and no built in flash. Why would someone pay several hundred dollars more than a D600/610 and get less capability? I suppose it all due to the styling? Am I missing something?

The exclusion of video and built-in flash is a design choice and has not much to do with pricing.
The film cameras the Df is trying to evoque like the F3 did not have either feature. This is supposed to be a return of sorts to that "type" of camera.

People who need or want a built-in flash and video have a choice of either D600 or D800, depending on their budget and needs, both quite capable.
The D600 is positioned as the entry FX body, and the D800 as a non-full-size pro-body.
The Df is positioned as a niche camera targeting people who long for a certain style and feature set.
(meaning, those who will be interested in the Df will not necessarily see the lack of features or "reduced capability" as a negative point.)

It makes sense to me that the Df would fall in between the two, considering the sort of "premium" sensation the camera is meant to provide with it's leather finish and metal dials.
The finish is apparently a step above the D600 (inferred, as I haven't held one yet), but the feature set not as complete as the D800.
The camera is not meant to be positioned as the entry level FX body, which is what it would become by default if it were priced below the D600/610.
I think the camera's relative place within the lineup more or less dictates where the pricing could be launched at. (whether the pricing will be sustained is another question).

They then try to justify it by saying it is made in Japan, it has quality materials, and is a relative bargain for the sensor you would otherwise have to pay more than double to get.
In any case, if you want the analog look in a Nikon digital body, it's the only choice you have right now, so to some extent they can charge a premium for that.

That's my take on why the price is what it is.
Some will be ok with it, some will want it but not be able to afford it right away, and others will simply not be interested by either the styling or the features and lack thereof.

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