D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Re: And here is yet another perspective...

DFPanno wrote:

I am an amateur that enjoys photography and post-processing but I do not have the time to become as proficient as the pros/hardcore hobbyists on these fora.

Sure, not everyone is a pro but that doesn't mean we should not spend time to process photos.  Actually many PJs (pros) don't have time to process RAW but shoot in JPEG in opposite.  Most so-called Pros are just making living in taking photos that not necessarily mean they always take best photos or know the processing best.

I can tell you that in my opinion (and perhaps I am missing something) Sony sensor files are easier to work with. They are more forgiving and give you greater latitude in making a nice photo.

True such as if photo is severely underexposed when you need to lift deep dark shadows. If a photo is right exposed on midtone or even a bit overexposed as judged by histogram, there are not much difference.

If I were an expert then maybe I could make my Canon files dance the way the Sonys do but I am not and therefore I cannot.

You should try as we did. You can see with such PP, Canon files even under very contrast scenes can be pretty close to Sony/Nikon photos.

In any case even if I had the skill I would probably prefer to be doing something else.

If photography is your serious hobby, you really need to try a bit harder especially if you have already invested lots.

I would never buy another camera with a 5D3 equivalent file. I will buy a better Canon sensor or buy something else.

Depends on what you shoot. If you do mainly landscape I'd agree 36mp offers from Sony/Nikon does have advantages in resolution and DR (especially when photos are severely underexposed). But not everyone needs to print very large, 22mp is enough to most people. If you exposed correctly with proper processing you still can get excellent photos from Canon cameras. 5DIII is more versatile and suitable in taking action photos. No mention my favorite Canon lenses cannot run on Nikon cameras and we will wait and see how they perform on Sony A7R/A7 thru adapter.  I take photos from studio, portrait, to airshow and wildlife.  By this sense 5DIII is a far better choice over D600/D610 on my needs no mention I have already collected some best lenses in DSLR industry, 17mm TS-E, 24-70L II, 700-200L II and 500L.  Extreme shadow pushing and resolution are not on my #1 or #2 priority (colors and lens choices are) and I don't want to fully open shadow.

Just my $.02

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